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Inaugural Selfie League!

posted Jun 28, 2016, 6:57 PM by Aaron Williams
The league has been on a bit of a break lately, but we're ramping things back up with a selfie league. The concept behind this is you can qualify any time during the month. Take a selfie with the score in the background and send it in. The top qualifiers will meet for a playoff finals. If this takes off look for it to continue.

Here are the details, courtesy of your tournament director Will Krusa.

I'm trying to get the monthly tournaments going again and I know one of the biggest issues was finding a way to get everyone together at one time. A solution to this problem is running a selfie tournament. If you're unfamiliar with what a selfie tournament is then I'll try to elaborate here. Basically for the entire month of July you are trying to qualify to get into the finals. If you go to
then click on the I'm playing in a tournament button and then search for Middle Tennessee Selfie League, you will be able to view the tournament, the current players, and the current standings on all the games. The 5 games in the tournament are as follows:

1. Banzai Run
2. Fathom
3. Walking Dead
4. Game of Thrones
5. Star Trek

All these games are located at Game Galaxy in Antioch and where the tournament will be held. We will cycle locations from month to month but the 1st one is here. So any time you have in the month of July, roll into Game Galaxy and play one of these 5 games, take a picture of your end score(hence the name selfie), and email it to myself at I will record the score on the website and you will be able to view where you stand on each individual game vs everyone else. Top score on a game gets 100 points, second gets 90, third gets 85 etc...

The advantage to doing it this way is you can go to Game Galaxy and attempt to qualify anytime you want. You can try an unlimited number of times and play as many extra balls as you want.

At the end of the month the top 3, or top 4 if we get enough players, will go to the finals where we will play 4 of the 5 games. The finals will be done in person so I'll contact the top players personally and will work out a time for everyone to meet.

To make it interesting we will do a $5 buy in to post scores so at the door to Game Galaxy leave them $5 for the tournament and we will split 100% of the buy-ins on the finals. Just so we are clear you will only pay a max of 5$ to enter the tournament and post scores as many times as you want in the month of July.

If you are interested in participating or you have questions pm me or email me at